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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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  • AIRES Tuesday Talks

    • Explore your AI curiosities with diverse peers and guest speakers

  • Beyond the Turing Test Podcast (Starting in March)

    • Deep dive into the latest in AI 

  • AIRES UCLA Newsletter and Social Media 

    • ​Consume and contribute incredible AI content with peers who share your love to learn

  • Graduate Student Research​


AIRES emphasizes COLLECTIVE DISCOVERY. This means that everyone who works with AIRES is both a learner and an educator. We pride ourselves on our interdisciplinary community. We collectively discover by respecting and welcoming one another’s specializations and backgrounds and seeing our own beliefs as not treasures to be protected but hypotheses to be tested.


AIRES at UCLA is committed to the national AIRES MISSION. As technology exponentially advances, it is imperative we investigate and realize how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will interact with society in a diversity of facets of work and life. With this in mind, AIRES at UCLA focuses on educating both future AI leaders and the broader UCLA population who is likely to be impacted by AI regardless of their professional path.


We follow the latest advancements in AI—and attempt to understand its impact on economics, politics, and society at large. We also conduct research on AI ethics. This serves our goal of promoting transparent and ethical regulation, implementation, and implications of AI.


The AI Robotics Ethics Society was founded in 2018 at UCLA by Aaron Hui and his peers out of a desire to ensure ethical and responsible AI creation. Hence, UCLA AIRES was the first collegiate chapter of AIRES, an international organization with chapters across California, Ivy universities, and Brazil

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